A route to the mythical islands of Hydra, Aegina & Poros
Hydra 2 hours visit

Your point of departure is Flisvos Marina on the Athenian coastline; the spot where our ship sets sail daily.
Our first port of call is Hydra. A beautiful small island, yet so great in history that stands out among many others!
Elegance, tradition and majesty. These are the three key-words that point out the beauty and significance of the island, that goes beyond what meets the eye. The cobblestone streets on the island, where donkeys are the primary mode of transportation, are lined with aristocratic mansions, forts, and churches steeped in history.
The architecture of the island with the town of Hydra built in its centre on the imposing rocky slopes has remained intact and unspoilt by modern interventions to our very days thanks to the Hydrants, who religiously keep this unique legacy that has been handed down to them by their ancestors from one generation to the next.
Undeniably looking at the deep blue sea, staying away from noise and daily routine, swimming in the crystal clear waters, sunbathing and enjoying the Greek cuisine and hospitality are the best possible ways of spending one’s holidays, having the time of one’s lives and gathering invaluable memories as souvenirs in one’s hearts and minds.
Poros a 50 minute visit

Poros is the island of peace, romance and relaxation. It is lush with pine trees which reach the rugged shores and the sandy beaches. Approaching Poros by ship, from afar, we can see the historical clocktower on the highest hilltop.
The architecture of Poros is a marvel right before your eyes. The beach houses are mostly neoclassical. The first houses were built in 1463 in the area around the clocktower. The centre of the town features the Town Hall, the Archaeological Museum, the Exhibition Hall and it is the site of a variety of cultural events
Within the narrow streets of Poros among the white houses and bougainvillea’s, there there are various shops, cafés, taverns and many bars with Greek and foreign music to excellently provide for all needs and tastes.
Aegina a 2 hours and 20 minutes visit

Aegina, the land of legendary Achilles!
The world famous temple of Aphaia (Athena) imposes at the top of a pine-covered hill in the northeastern part of Aegina. This temple constituted the epitome and prototype of the Parthenon, which was built by Ictinus and Callicrates. When the atmosphere is clear, one can see the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion and the Acropolis of Athens from the site of Aphaia. These three temples form an isosceles triangle (the holy triangle of the ancient times).
On the island there is also the church of Saint Nectarios, a grand Christian Byzantine church, which is one of the largest in the Balkan. It contains a silver urn with the relics of St. Nectarios, the patron saint of the island.
State of the art facilities

Imagine your leisurely island voyage on our 50-meter state-of-the-art cruise ship.
Our ship is luxuriously appointed with beautiful lounges and dinning areas, where you can enjoy culinary delights at your beck and call.
Our two fully-equipped bars are ready to prepare the most amazing cocktails on board for you.
Moreover, our ship is fully air-conditioned and equipped with strong Wi-Fi and mobile signals.
So, relax and be pampered as you cruise to the most beautiful islands in the world!
On Board

Indoor lounges and dining-room

On our ship there are 3 indoor multi-purpose lounges which meet the demands of our passengers, whether the focus on pleasure or fun.
All rooms are fully air-conditioned for a comfortable stay at every season and there can be catered up to 340 people altogether (180 people indoors and 160 people outdoors). The kitchen is fully-equipped to satisfy the appetite of even the most demanding guest, offering gastronomic delights inspired by both the Greek and the Mediterranean cuisine.


Our two fully equipped bars are staffed by trained graduates of Bar Philosophy. Europe’s premier bartending academy who are ready to create for you  the most amazing cocktails on sea (and land). Of course our live music will beautifully enhance the unforgettable view of the Saronic Gulf, the historic playground of the wealthy and the mighty in Ancient Greece.
Facilities within the ship

All our passengers will enjoy our complimentary freshly prepared Mediterranean buffet lunch.

For those who want to steal a few more minutes of sleep before their cruise, an optional Mediterranean breakfast is available on board with panoramic views of the Saronic Gulf, with an extra charge.

During the cruise live music is played by our orchestra, so that our passengers can enjoy the beautiful landscapes along with background music and have fun dancing when the rhythm goes up.

Within our ship there is the latest audiovisual systems installed with large LCD screens on which passengers will watch informative videos.

In the Gift Shop you can find all the necessary items you may have forgotten to bring with you, as well as souvenirs for your beloved ones.

Mobile coverage and strong 3G signals are available so that while on board you will have the comfort to do as much, or as little as you please.
On Board Dinning

We prepare fresh food daily, providing culinary delights inspired by Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

We select the best fresh ingredients and follow the strictest hygiene standards.

Our ship’s experienced staff is happy to prepare special orders according to your dietary requirements. 

For special orders please inform us two days before departure.
Bars & Lounges

Indoor lounges and dining room

Our ship is luxuriously appointed with beautiful lounges and dining areas and is custom fitted to meet and exceed safety specifications for Mediterranean open water cruising. Our ship is also fully air-conditioned.


Our menu offers a diverse selection of classics and the latest trends.

To keep our menus fresh and current, we work with a variety of sources, including Mixologists from the brands we serve, and our creative and passionate beverage staff.

During the cruise live music is played by our orchestra so that our passengers can enjoy the marvelous view and dance to the revitalizing music should they wish to.

As the rhythm heats up the atmosphere gets all the more exciting!

The events section of our ship can arrange any professional or personal event, chartering a part of or even the whole ship. We are dedicated to plan everything with care and attention to the last detail in order to make your events simply unforgettable!

Folli Follie Company profile

Folli Follie distributes its unique and exquisite brand of jewelry, watches, bags, and other fashion accessories throughout 26 countries, spanning more than 600 points of sale.

Launched in its native Greece in 1982, and fueled with early and unprecedented success both within and outside of those borders, the company’s brand identity has long been steered by a deep global sensibility. Today, Folli Follie’s core philosophy is the original design and sale of a fun, versatile and affordable luxury collection designed to meet the varied and dynamic needs of trend-conscious women and girls worldwide.

The result - a collection that is always exciting and up-to-date, appealing to a customer base with diverse and cosmopolitan style.
Departure from Flisvos marine at 08:00 a.m. / Arrival at Hydra at 10:30 a.m.

Departure from Hydra at 12:30 p.m. / Arrival at Poros at 13:30 p.m.

Departure from Poros at 14:20 p.m. / Arrival at Aegina at 15:40 p.m.

Departure from Aegina at 18:00 p.m. / Arrival at Flisvos at 19:30 p.m.

Our modern speedy ship allows you the maximum possible stay on each of the three islands.

On Hydra : 2   Hours
On Poros : 50  Minutes
On Aegina : 2  Hours  and 20 Minutes
All inclussive at € 70  per person*
(*) For all the youngs under 18 years old as well as the students the price is EURO 55.00
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