See from above the unique Greek archaeological site, learning about the history of Delphic Oracle and the Temple of Apollo and visit Galaxidi which is one of the most picturesque costalvillages in Greece.

Learn from a professional tour guide about Greek mythology and the Homeric epics.

Our company provides you a luxurious and comfortable trip at the center of the ancient Greek world.

Duration: 05:50

Landmarks to be visited:
Sightseeing fly over Araxova (ski resort)
Delfoi (Delphic oracle, Temple of Apollo)
Galaksidi (beautiful city at sea shore)

The package offer contains:
Certified tour guide
Guided tour at Delfoi museum and Oracle
Guided tour at Galaksidi & lunch break

Optional services upon request (extra charge):
Lunch to choose from selected restaurants/ taverna
2nd pilot for A/C for additional safety

Charter Price A109 Power Elite
Departure from Athens International Airport: 2.550 Euro
Departure form Stadium of Peace & Friendship Helipad 2.400 Euro

Charter Price Bell 430
Departure from Athens International Airport: 3.300 Euro