Trip & flight schedule (from SEF helipad)
Total tour time:6 hours and 30 minutes
Sightseeing fly over Canal of Corinthus(Isthmus)
Anciennt Korinthos (Temple of Apollo)
Epidavros (world first theater)
Spetses (beautiful city at sea shore)

The package offer contains:
Certified Tour quide
Transportation back and forth of clients by taxi to museum with the tour guide. (Ancient Korinthos- Epidavros

A/C take-off & flight to city of Spetses
Guided tour of location (Spetses) & lunch break
Boarding of clients back to A/C directly back to Athens

Optional services upon request (extra charge):
Lunch to choose from three proposed restaurants
2nd pilot for "additional" safety
Charter Price A109 Power Elite
Departure from Athens International Airport: 2.500 Euro
Departure form Stadium of Peace & Friendship Helipad: 2.300 Euro

Charter Price Bell 430
Departure from Athens International Airport: 3.300 Euro