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Executive Protection

We keep you, your family and your property SAFE!

Our Security Services Sector was initially developed to provide high-level protective security and logistical support to public figures, corporations, corporate executives, religious leaders, political figures and others at high risk.

- Our personnel is receiving the highest level of training relevant to public and corporate figure
protection in the private sector, including areas that are extremely specialised.
- Our personnel are in the best physical condition of any private security company.
- Our physical fitness and readiness tests as well as our systematic selection interviews
ensure our operatives are in peak physical and mental readiness.
- Our protective operatives are equipped to meet the challenges of any given environment.

Our relationship with selective strategic partners and international affiliated companies, it helps
us to provide to our clients the best possible solutions and professional services.

Therefore when enlisting our services, our clients will also have automatic support and backup from
specialist conflict negotiators, political risk analysts, behavioural sciences experts, specialist insurance
services and other expertise.

Whether we are protecting a Fortune 100 executive or your property and your life, our team has the experience
and the specialized personnel to offer a broad array of protective services to meet your specific needs.

We don't blink when you want to be safe and secure!  What you “need” to be safe may not be the same as
what you “want” to feel safe.  At SATTAS Group we can provide you with both need and want.

Our Executive Protection Teams are familiar with the business environment you live and work in and are effective as personal assistants.

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