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Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not Luxury!

“‘Genuine care and comfort of our guests is Elite Solutions’ highest mission. We, in SATTAS Group, pledge to provide the finest personal service and facilities to our guests who will enjoy a fresh, relaxed and refined ambience”

What do you expect from a product or service? No doubt it should be Flawless! We think that if you are paying a price for a service or product that encompasses luxury then you are already setting a high standard of expectation.

Elite Solutions from SATTAS GROUP is your passport to the very best life has to offer.

We are passionate about delivering personalized service and intelligent support that improves the lives of our clients. By utilizing our trusted services you will experience a level of service that exceeds your expectations with every request you make.

Craving more free time? Sit back and allow us to take all of the time-consuming day-to-day activities off your hands, allowing you to focus on what’s really important.

Heading abroad? Our global presence makes us your best friend in every city, providing you with assistance and local insider information when you’re outside of your comfort zone.

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