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We care and we organize your sailing yacht vacations allowing you to enjoy everything from line-of-sight sailing in the calm clear turquoise waters of the Ionion Sea,  to the excitement of a mixture of open-sea and line-of-sight sailing in the Mediterranean.

SATTAS GROUP offers more yacht charter destinations than any other company, which means that wherever you want to go, whoever you want to go with and whatever your level of sailing expertise, we have the right charter for you. 

To start planning your Luxury Yacht Charter email us or call direct Evangelos Sattas on +30 698 555 3397
If you are looking for a different way to mark a special occasion.
If you want to celebrate an engagement, or an anniversary, or a birthday with friends and family, or with a special loved one, enjoy a lazy fun-filled day, or an evening sunset ruise.
If you re looking to create a feeling of appreciation and enjoyment, a day of fun tinged with a sense of luxury, then let us help you plan that special day, as one of our luxury yachts becomes yours for the day